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BioLS Pharmaceuticals

Available Services

Available Services

The service policy we have implemented allows us to add value to the business of all our customers, but also of our suppliers, through personalised commercial monitoring.

We are constantly increasing our client managers in order to guarantee a constant relationship and support for Pharmacies, Hospitals, but also for the Pharmaceutical Industry and Purchasing Groups, in all circumstances and for this reason we have developed:

Logistics Solutions
  • Virtual Warehouse (Platform)
  • Tripartite Agreements
  • Push & Pull Orders
  • Suggested Purchase
  • Pre-Wholesale Solution
  • Commercial Intermediation
  • Delivery of promotional materials in pharmacies and Hospitals
  • Stock on the floor (for fast delivery)
Information solutions
  • Performance Reports to the pharmaceutical industry and to our clients.
  • Price Benchmark
  • Data sharing
Dedicated follow-up
  • Dedicated sales team with KAM for the pharmaceutical industry and customers (pharmacies and hospitals)
  • Newsletter
  • Call center

Marketing and distribution of several and the most important laboratories.

- We have 15,000 health product references available, stored in the best conditions required by laboratories and regulatory bodies.

- We provide pharmaceutical products in the most diverse product category from more than 240 laboratories such as;

Prescription and non-prescription pharmaceutical products, vaccines, dermocosmetics, veterinary pharmaceutical products, narcotics and controlled products, consumables and medical devices as well as a wide portfolio of hospital products from cytotoxic, blood derivatives, perfusion products, transfusion, nutrition and aesthetics to botulinum toxin)

- We are specialists in the distribution of pharmaceutical products, ensuring coverage of the entire national territory and islands;

  • With its own fleet, vehicles equipped with control and capacity for tri-temperature and monitored with a GPS system.
  • Using a modern delivery management system we guarantee a faster and more adequate shipping service to meet customer needs. We control in real time the location of our orders and control the process and route until delivery to the customer.

Customer Service