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BioLS Pharmaceuticals

Pharmaceutical industry

Pharmaceutical industry

The pharmaceutical industry is an essential element in the relationships we build with our clients, part of our team has long experience of working with and/or in the pharmaceutical industry, which is why we work with more than 240 laboratories directly, some of which are headquarters, located in different countries around the world.

We represent several laboratories in Portugal, but our relationship goes beyond the laboratories in Portugal, which is why we distribute their products, from some of these laboratories, to different markets and therefore direct access under specific conditions and with specific rules.

With the pharmaceutical industry, we develop concerted actions and strategies that amplify markets, segments and product life cycles. In a close and frank partnership, we distribute promotional materials, assist the sales force and help implement the market share of laboratories and their products.

As a result of the growth and the know-how that Biols Pharmaceuticals has acquired and shared we now have solutions such as

Marketing solutions, sales access market

At Biols Pharmaceuticals, we develop differentiated and targeted solutions to support laboratories' marketing and sales strategies. Biols Pharmaceuticals has human resources dedicated only to the relationship and development of joint policies with the pharmaceutical industry.

We also disseminate information on products and distribute materials at points of sale all over the country.

We accompany, direct and support KAM in the pharmaceutical industry operationally in the market.

We develop actions and events to promote and launch products in pharmacies, hospitals and clinics.

International access market solutions

Globalisation has brought a world of opportunities, new markets, clients and segments that the pharmaceutical industry is not able to attend, due to its focus on organic growth:

However, the whole pharmaceutical industry has a common denominator, the focus on the patient, this is the common denominator and the most important subject in the laboratories' mission, that is, the need to reach all patients who need a pharmaceutical product.

Due to its national and international presence with investment and direct and indirect presence in some markets, Biols Pharmaceuticals has been the company of choice in recent years to expand markets, ensure sellout and reverse product life cycles in the pharmaceutical industry.

We support laboratories with the creation of specific or systematic actions to enter new international markets, or in some cases we carry out the representation, promotion and distribution of their products on an exclusive or non-exclusive basis.

We guarantee and/or support the registration of products on other markets, as well as access to private and public KOL.

As a result of this curve of experience, Biols Pharmaceuticals has, besides the relationship established with the laboratories present in the Portuguese national market, a close relationship with some laboratories at the level of their headquarters, with different contracts and distribution commitments according to the objectives of the laboratory itself.

The policies that have most helped to develop the pharmaceutical industry in this field have been:

    1. Access to international markets, distributors, pharmacies, hospitals
    2. Participation in tenders
    3. Promotion, Logistics, Training and Distribution, International Markets
    4. Registration of products on international markets
    5. International Network
Logistics Solutions

The existence of different warehouses guarantees permanent quality and robust delivery without failures, omissions or disruptions in the products and materials to be distributed in pharmacies as well as in hospitals.

We develop models for direct sales processes to Pharmacies, product accessibility to the market or specific operations taking into account the needs of Laboratories.

We also have integrated solutions for

  • Virtual Warehouse (Platform)
  • Tripartite Agreements
  • Push Orders
  • Suggested Purchase
  • Pre-Wholesale Solution
  • Commercial Intermediation
  • Logistical support at island level
Information solutions

We are developing a platform that guarantees access to information on stocks, customers, sell out and sell in, markets, segments, trends and opportunities, so that the pharmaceutical industry can formulate and conduct its strategies and operations.

Customer Service