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BioLS Pharmaceuticals

Distribution at Pharmacy and Hospital chain

Distribution at Pharmacy and Hospital chain

Biols Pharmaceuticals seeks to develop optimised distribution strategies in pharmacies, clinics and hospitals. To this end, we model our business and distribution in a disruptive way compared to other market players.

Our main ethical, legal and commercial obligation is to serve pharmacies, hospitals and clinics in Portugal, in a faster, more economical and efficient way:

Distribution at the pharmacy

We guarantee deliveries throughout the entire national territory with a quality service and guaranteed control of the temperature chain, the main reason why we ensure safer, faster and more efficient transport and distribution.

Our warehouses increasingly present a national coverage, after an initial gradual regional implementation, for the distribution of pharmaceutical products.

Biols Pharmaceuticals is the only wholesale distribution company, and therefore a pioneer and innovator in the distribution of pharmaceutical products, in a pharmacy shop, based on one or two monthly deliveries, supported by a forecast analysis and prior negotiation, which guarantees the best purchasing conditions and exceptional stock management conditions.

Customer Relationship

Biols Pharmaceuticals has a policy of a direct relationship with our customers and of proximity made through our KAM, digital channels in anticipation of their daily or monthly needs.

We are also developing a Customer Support Service, with a view to increasing the quality of service and its continuous improvement. In this way, our call centre seeks to create interaction and quickly provide effective supply management.

In addition to these tools, we also have the dissemination of campaigns and access to products through newsletters and access to our B2B platform.

Hospital Distribution

We guarantee deliveries to hospitals, clinics and medical professionals throughout the country with a quality service, and guarantee total control of the temperature chain, ensuring safe, fast and efficient transport.

Our logistics operation increasingly presents a national coverage for distribution of hospital and non-hospital pharmaceutical products in public and private hospitals as a result of the evolution in the distribution, segmentation and positioning of products, but also as a result of the State's strong default and indebtedness towards the pharmaceutical industry.

Biols Pharmaceuticals sees itself as an innovative and pioneering company in wholesale distribution, and assumes that the trend towards greater and better healthcare coverage will involve a future network of day hospitals, in close relationship with outpatient pharmacies.

Hospital pharmacies, particularly in day hospitals, where users can receive long-term treatment with or without products for exclusive hospital use, in a sheltered environment, without needing to be admitted to hospital, are increasingly in need of fast, just-in-time purchasing.

Customer Service