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BioLS Pharmaceuticals

Social Responsibility

Social Responsibility

We permanently seek to develop the communities where we are present, the markets where we are present, the environment and the workplaces.


We develop actions and projects that guarantee the creation of value to the communities where we are present, such as:

  • Support for education and health projects.
  • Support for young people who wish to obtain and develop knowledge in our field
  • Support for social causes that guarantee access to medicines or positive emotions


At Biols Pharmaceuticals we ensure that all business activities are balanced, with a strong ethical component and fair. Our biggest responsibility is towards our suppliers and our customers. For this reason we have developed strategies where ethical sourcing prevails with the objective of ensuring human rights, access to health and the right to free trade, supporting our suppliers and customers through the promotion of distribution and ethical sourcing practices in our supply chain.


Biols Pharmaceuticals seeks to mitigate and minimize its impact on the environment and its ecological footprint. Our commitment and corporate social responsibility, seeks to reduce our carbon footprint by various actions and policies.

Some of our initiatives involve preserving the environment through:

  • Reduce our energy consumption.
  • Appropriate use of water resources.
  • Seek to ensure that waste and residues can be correctly treated through recycling and re-use

In our facilities

It is part of Biols Pharmaceuticals' social responsibility to create places and workplaces where our employees feel supported, recognised and valued. To this end, we have developed several policies in the area of Health and Well-being of our employees, Equal opportunities, guaranteeing and offering the same opportunities for all, through equal opportunities policies and practices and working procedures. However, we are committed to the safety of our employees, guaranteeing equipment and conditions capable of ensuring comfort and well-being.

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