Dynamics and growth in the pharmaceutical distribution market

Biols Pharmaceuticals is one of the most dynamic and growing companies in the pharmaceutical distribution market, in Portugal, as a result of a triple partnership with the Pharmaceutical industry, the Pharmacy sector and the Hospitals.

Biols Pharmaceuticals has its own network of warehouses located in Mainland Portugal, the Azores and Madeira.
From this logistics, Biols Pharmaceuticals makes efficient distribution of medicines and health products to more than 200 clients consisting of pharmacies, hospitals and clinics all over the country.

In order to satisfy the most diverse requests of the market and in particular of its customers, Biols Pharmaceuticals holds an enviable portfolio of its own brands and exclusive brands, granted by the most prestigious pharmaceutical laboratories. The market supply of Biols Pharmaceuticals complies with the “one stop shop” concept in order to ensure the continuity of supply and the effective availability of pharmaceuticals to its customers in order to meet the immediate and urgent needs of patients under the most favorable conditions.

In addition, Biols Phamaceuticals also provides pre-distribution services to the pharmaceutical industry in the fields of pre-wholesale logistics and pre-distribution services, which include storage and distribution, transfer order and labeling of products.

The daily and sustained way of working and in close cooperation with the pharmaceutical industry enables Biols Pharmaceuticals to make a difference in global health improvement and to develop innovative and value-added solutions with the aim of making health closer, more accessible and less onerous. It works daily with the pharmaceutical industry to make a difference in global health improvement by developing innovative and value-added solutions with the goal of making health healthier, more accessible and less burdensome.