To the pharmaceutical industry, offering special tools, such as support to integrated sales (sell in sell out)

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Pharmaceutical Industry

Special Services for the Pharmaceutical Industry

Biols Pharmaceuticals is working steadily and continuously on its business model with a view to capitalizing on the value proposition from the pharmaceutical industry in order to maintain access to the medicine and to be able to introduce it in the market offering more favorable conditions, thus improving “sell in sell out. ”

To this end contributes the well-defined communication strategy achieved through the implementation of interactive planning guided by the objectives of the brands throughout their life cycle.

For this reason, Biols Pharmaceuticals is well equipped to offer a wide range of consulting services to the pharmaceutical industry, including special tools such as sell in sell out, definition and elaboration of differentiating distribution strategies, training , consulting, call center and branding support. Our growing coverage and penetration in the national market, as well as the real knowledge of the complementarity and synergy of the ecosystems of community pharmacy with the hospital pharmacy, gives us, supported by our solid structure and vast know-how of the integrated market, a special positioning in order to offer flexible and differentiated solutions in the form of proposals for collaboration with respect to the integrated market (on stop shop). These proposals are value-added because the new levels of qualified service associated with them and brand awareness are the driving force for future results to grow.

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