Biols 2B plus project consists of a partnership between Biols Pharmaceuticals and the pharmacies.

BioLS 2BPlus Platform

Biols 2B Plus project consists of a partnership between Biols Pharmaceuticals and  the pharmacies.

In this way the e-commerce platform is already a reality in Pharmacies throughout the country, that regularly use Biols 2 b Plus as a way of communicating with their business partner – Biols Pharmaceuticals. Among the services most used by pharmacies at Biols Pharmaceuticals are: the Product Information Consultation (provides information on the stock of a certain product in Biols Pharmaceuticals, prices, …), the Instant Order that, after confirming the existence of a certain product, you can quickly and easily place your order and also the Order Status Inquiry.

In turn, the Biols 2b Plus platform is a tool that allows the Pharmaceutical Industry to know the stock levels of Biols Pharmaceuticals vs the demand by region and thus “just in time” guarantee the provision of stocks that will be allocated via “transfer order”- TO -, through “Forecast Pharmacy”- FP- or “Traditional Distribution”- DT- To this end, the Biols 2b Plus platform contains a specific area for the login of the IF and pharmacies, ensuring real-time monitoring of availability and demand for pharmaceutical products.